Welcome to the official homepage of Liisa Elts, where I post all my novels and short stories I have written. Click on the covers  to read the novels and browse around for more info and fun!

Updates come about once a week minimum.

Yes, I’m aware some of them carry my old pen name, I’m working on  re-linking the stories after system mishap.

On-going Serials:

He never lef2t  Ink Blood2  Sinking Eden2  guarding the hell2

Completed Stories and Collections (which update irregularly):

Safehouse2  Yeren's hearth2  Rare pear2  Kinswoman2  

voices2  easy way ou2t  bar fight2  

vaalade tants2  coffee shop  third law2  short stories2  fanfiction22  Saturday at the Prize2  Rustles2  Roosisõrmus2  neitsipärg2  midas ears2  Maiden Wreath2  lühijutud2  long distance call2  Hundikutsikas2  Glenarm shifters2  Pretty Boob2s  Giant2s  devil butterfly2  snowflake circus2  llyr2

All the books in the series can be read separate and have an ending. Thank you for your time!

© 2015-to this date Liisa Elts

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